Friday, May 2, 2008

Spring Fantasy Celebration Contest!

Alright, I said I would host a contest to give away a free book. So, here is my awesome cool contest. You have to work hard to win this contest my friends. It will not be easy. You have one requirement and one requirement alone. Well, maybe two.....

1. Go read Friday's Funky List! (see below)

2. In the comments section list a book that you would consider a "Underworld" fiction book as I defined on the funky list post.


1.Must have title of the book and the author

2. Can be from Medieval, Classical, or Modern Fantasy time period. (I guess if it is classical then you really don't have to have a title and author necessarily because so many myths don't have specific authors...but if you can name a myth I'll go for that.)

3. You cannot use the works that I have listed on Friday's Funky list.

4. You cannot list the same work that a person before you has, so post fast!

(the point of this whole contest is for me to find more cool fiction to read! Have fun! and Good Luck!)

The Prize:
Just Ella By Margaret Peterson Haddix
Info Link:

The winner will be picked randomly when I put names in a hat and draw one out. Leave some way in your comment for me to contact you and I'll get shipping info. Probably should mention that the contest is restricted to the U.S. because of shipping.

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