Friday, May 16, 2008

Friday's Funky List

LDS Historical Fiction series on war.

Revolutionary War:
Prelude to Glory Series By Ron Carter
The Buchanan Saga By Anita Stansfield

War of 1812:
Freemen and Dreamers Series by L.C. Lewis

Civil War:
Faith of Our Father's by Nancy Campbell Allen
Heroes of Glorieta Pass and Revenge and Redemption by Brad E. Hainsworth

Autumn Sky, Until the Dawn, Upon the Mountains by Gale Sears
'Til the Boys Come Home Jerry Borrowman

Children of the Promise Dean Hughes
I’ll Be Seeing You, As Time Goes By, Home Again At Last By Jerry Borrowman

Vietnam War:
Hearts of the Children Series by Dean Hughes

It seems that we have all the wars covered! I was pretty surprised to see the War of 1812 up there, book two of that series was just recently released. There is a book by Robert Moss on the Utah War, but I kept the list to series or at least books that had sequels. Anyone written series on the Mexican American, Spanish -American war, Philippine-American wars yet? Not to mention the numberous undeclared wars. Looks like there is room for growth! Go read and write that historical fiction people.

Please comment to reccommend other books to readers! I'm sure there is more great war fiction out there.

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