Monday, May 26, 2008

Book Review:Flying Home by Rachel Ann Nunes

Flying Home by Rachel Ann Nunes

Liana Winn, adopted into her aunts family as a young child after her own parents died in a tragic plane accident, feels that she does not truly belong with them. She looks on unable to allow herself to love them. Vague memories and nightmares surrounding the plane crash continually cause her to question her past, and hold herself back from close relationships. Austin Walker then comes into her life unexpectedly and she finds that she must come to peace with her past before she can accept a relationship with him. For the first time in years she is able to relax and be herself around his older sister, Mercedes, on her farm in Wyoming. Mercedes encourages her to fly to India where her parents died, and discover what is haunting her about her past. What she finds in India is another surprise that makes her question who she really is.
Still reeling with the information she discovers she must return to America because of a tragedy in her family that makes her realize how much she really does belong and love them.
I enjoyed this book, and thought that it had an interesting plot. I thought had the ending pegged down from the beginning, but alas I was surprised as the author took the story on a different turn than I expected. I like how the ending wasn’t tidied up too nicely, and there were still a few loose ends. Not everything worked out perfectly, but the ending still offered hope and comfort. I love how the author reconnects the character with her past, and thought she did a really great job with Liana’s confusing and confliction emotions concerning her adoption. I’ve been looking forward to getting around to this book for a while now and I’m glad that I finally read it.

Rachel Nunes had tons of cool features on her website so go check it out!
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