Thursday, May 1, 2008

Book Review: Keys to the Kingdom Series by Garth Nix

Keys to the Kingdom Series by Garth Nix.

The main character of this series Authur Penhaligon starts his first Monday at a new School. While in the middle of a Asthma attack a strange man approaches him named Mister Monday. He give him a Key, assuming that he will die, and it will be returned to him. Fortunately, for Authur, he lives, but unfortunately Authur is still in possession of the Key and strange things begin happening. He begins to notice that the key, shaped like an old clock hand has interesting powers, and that there is a house in the middle of his neighborhood. A house in which Mister Monday lives, he learned that The Arichtect that built the house left behind a Will to be fulfilled by seven trustees. The seven trustees ignore the request of the Will and split it up into 7 pieces, and hide them. The Will doesn’t take that lying down and begins to use Authur so it can put itself back together. Authur has to enter the house, defeat Mister Monday to keep his key and protect Monday’s part of the Will. On Tuesday (the next book) he must do the same. Confront Mr. Tuesday's part of the house get his key, and get his part of the will, and so the series continues….all days of the week.

I loves these series because it is so clever. I love all the new creatures and the quirky house that Authur has to travel through. Also, the time motif is brilliant. The book has so many cool details that I could go into, but won’t. Just go read the series because it is awesome cool! The book is a little bit random, more random that I would normally like, but still Garth Nix is an awesome world builder, and this series doesn’t disappoint. Doesn’t hurt that it has Latin phrases in it…and well, I’m obsessed with Latin.

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