About Me

Gamila Walrus is my on-line pseunodymn, and a nickname I adopted while in college, so it is not my real name. I’ve lived in Utah, my whole life except for a stint in California that I don’t remember on account of being an infant. I’ve lived in various places through out the state, north and south, cold and warm.

When I was small I really didn’t like to read very much. I was more of a tomboy that would run around the neighborhood and get into trouble. It wasn’t until 6th grade that I got really into reading with the baby-sitters club books. I read 100 of those things before I got tired of them. I look back and think I was psycho now. Eh, at least I was reading. So, yeah I became addicted to reading in middle school and high school, I always was working my way through a book. Still am always working my way through a book, or several books at one time.

My mom got me started on LDS fiction with the Work and the Glory series and after that I read lots of LDS fiction. Anything I could get my hands on, or that my mom would buy for me, and she was really generous with book money. I guess my addiction to YA probably arouse out of my fanaticism with Harry Potter. It is weird to think I’m not that interested in the series now that it is ended, because I loved it for so long. So, yeah, Harry Potter lead me to read other works in the age group, and I really enjoy Y.A. fiction.

While living in Provo I attended BYU and double majored in History and Latin teaching, and met my Husband. We both were part of a fantasy and sci-fi writing group in the club Quark. We became fast friends in our freshman year, and then he went on a mission, not knowing that I was seriously in love with him. So, I wrote him letters for two years, and when he returned we dated, discovered we really were a good match for each other and got married a year later in 2007.

Outside of my reading obsession I really love to write. I was in the Quark writing group for five years. (I think I should get an award for being the longest consistently attending member, cause I was.) Being in the writing group helped me to look at writing with a critical eye, which helped with my own writing, and probably lead directly to this blog being formed.

I also love to quilt and sew, and finally have my sewing machine out of storage and so I occasionally work on projects.

I do a lot of cooking because the hubby can’t at all. (not joking) The hubby has learned to cook! He is brillant! I really enjoy cooking though. I’m usually cooking a new recipe at least once a week, and find it satisfying that I have a natural knack for it.

I like Latin, a lot. I like to play the piano, but don’t currently have one in my apartment. So sad. I also like to travel, but haven’t gone anywhere cool for a while, but I have been to England, Italy, Israel, Mexico, Canada, and all over the East Coast of the United States. Traveling is one of my mother’s hobbies so I have her to thank for most of these experiences.

I currently reside in big state of Texas and I just completed my first year of teaching a High School Latin.