Tuesday, July 31, 2012

LDSPBP: Mark Nielsen

I believe in Jesus Too by Mark S. Nielsen

A book that celebrates the diversity of the world wide church, I believe in Jesus too, shows how children all over the world participate in living the gospel of Jesus Christ.  The book highlights the different ways children travel to church, what their church buildings look like, different languages children pray in, different ways families do FHE, and the different places in which children are baptized. The text is smooth and easy to read and highlights different cultures with traditional names and details that are often iconic of each country highlighted.

The illustrations are highly detailed realistic paintings with beautiful and vivid colors. The illustrator also does a wonderful job at giving each child distinct features and unique expressions so each appears to have their own personality.

I really like how this book isn’t focused on teaching a specific doctrinal principal. Instead it shows how children all over the world participate in the daily activities of the gospel. I also like the fact that it has so many countries and nationalities featured. Books are a wonderful way to show children all the richness and diversity of the world and this book does a particularly good job at showing a large number of different places, customs, and people. 

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