Friday, July 13, 2012

Three very most favorite picture books of summer season

The Everything Book by Denise Fleming

 No ordinary picture book this book has over 60 pages packed full of pictures and text. The majority of the book contains illustrated nursery rhymes, most of which I wasn’t familiar with. There were also illustrations of baby eating, baby playing with pots and pans, shapes, the alphabet, the seasons, a couple of counting pages, and other activities that makes this a fun and interesting book to go through. Sera loved this one and would sit through the entire thing!  Sometimes we shortened some of the rhymes depending on her mood. I am going to be sad to return this one to the library. We may have to keep this in mind for a Christmas, Easter, or birthday present in the future.

Who’s in the Forest? by Phyllis Gershator

We loved this little peakabook board book. First off the art design of the book is so great. It has a scrapbook type theme throughout the entire book, and so the book feels very layered. Very much like the details that pop out at you on a nature stroll. Random birds can be found in the trees on all the pages. I loved pointing out the hiding animals and insects out to Sera. The pages have a circle cut out of them so you get a spoiler for what is on the next page but not the full reveal, which makes the book interesting and surprising. The text is short and easy to read out loud, and encourages the reader to ask  what new creature will appear on the next page. This is another one we are going to miss when it goes back to the library. We will probably check it out again and put it on the list for Christmas, Birthday, or Easter gifts for Sera.

The Little Mouse, The Red Ripe Strawberry, and the Big Hungry Bear by Audrey Wood

Thank goodness for the library or I don’t think I ever would have found this cute little book that was published the year before I was born! This is my favorite picture book of the year. This one was so delightful that I could read it over and over and still be amused by it. The narrator’s voice is so strong and the accompanying art is so hilarious. Neither Sera nor I could get enough of this cute little board book.


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