Friday, February 29, 2008

First Impressions

First Impressions
When the Bough Breaks By Kay Lynn Magnum

Rachel’s father dies in an accident that she believes is her fault. Her mother spirals into depression, and her brother turns to alcohol for comfort. Rachel tries her best to hold the family together and take care of both her mom and brother. Things just keep on getting stranger when Rachel’s mom meets a nice man and decides to marry him. Rachel has to adjust to having a new family under her roof while trying to keep her brother’s alcoholism a secret.

I really liked this book. I only picked it up a few times because it was often gone and checked out. I really enjoy Magnum’s writing. I love how honest and real her characters are. I love how her family isn’t perfect and that when her mom finds a new love it only gets worse and not better. In fact, I like how you have to watch the main character struggle to take care of her older brother and adjust to all the change in her life. It isn’t the perfect little love story, but a story about facing challenges and most importantly change. I can’t wait until I can finish this one.

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