Friday, February 22, 2008

First Impressions: Mummy's the Word by Kerry Blair

Mummy’s the Word By Kerry Blair

Samantha Shade has a opportunity to prove to herself, her uncle, and her coworkers that she can be a successful private eye. Her uncle is ready to close down his private detective business unless she can show that she is ready to turn it over. She continues the business with the normal calls to spy on cheating husbands, and missing persons. Then an eccentric aristocrat asks her to guard a special artifact at a dinner party. The artifact is stolen right under Samantha’s and her team’s nose. This case may mean her dreams for Nightshade detective agency are at an end. Samantha is determined to find the artifact and return it to its original owner, so that she can keep the agency running.

I adored this book! I finished it, and liked to pick it up each day. It is so quirky and funny. I love the main character, and all the side characters for that matter. They are all unique, eccentric, intriguing. Sometimes, I felt the main character Samantha was too weak, or that she did unrealistic things, but the story is still charming and delightful to read. As a fellow student of Latin I loved all the classical myth allusions and the Latin phrases that popped up, which only made me like the book more

Author Website:

My favorite essay of hers over at Six LDS Writers and a Frog Blog:

You have to scroll down to find it. I couldn't figure out how to just get an individual post, though I know that it is possible somehow. It's called "Do Drop in For a Spell." If only I could as biwitching as Ardena Leer.


Kerry Blair said...

Gamila, thank you so very much for the kind review! Because you seem like such a kindred spirit, I often come here for book recommendations. Imagine my surprise this morning! :)

My grandmother used to tell me that when it came to reviews, some opinions shouldn't count, but those from people you admire SHOULD. Yours, then, counts double!

Gamila said...

I'm so flattered that you commented on my blog. Thanks for reading. I'm a fan of your blogs at the frog blog. I really loved your blog of Latin phrases! It was hilarious. Ah, Latin is such a beautiful langugage, and to find others that appreciate it also is rare. I also enjoyed your book This Just In that I won in a contest on your blog. My husband picked it up randomly and said the book was really good. He was surprised because he read the backliner afterward and said that he never would have picked it up if he read the back first. I found it amusing. I guess you never can judge a book by its cover. :)