Friday, January 25, 2008

First Impressions

First Impressions
This is a little series that details my experiences reading books for an hour a day in the library. I read the book either until I became disinterested in it or until I finished it.

Tempest Tossed by Josi Kilpack?
This book immediately drew me in I couldn’t put it down. I wanted to know what happened next and how the problems presented in this book would be resolved. This book is about Janet a single career mother, who is on her third divorce. She has a young son named Josh that she loves and tries to take care of the best she can. In the course of the book the reader watches Janet spiral downward in the clutches of a prescription drug addiction. She meets and falls in love with a wonderful man named Terry. Terry discovers that Janet has a drug problem and tries hard to protect Josh, but in the end all of Janet’s lying leads him to feel betrayed and used. Eventually Janet ends up in a rehab clinic and is faced with the choice of starting anew or retaining her old habits.
This was an awesome book. It was hard to like the main character, Janet, because she was such a snob, but you really did empathize with her plight. For the sake of her son and her new husband Terry, you wanted her to have a happily ever after. I love how this book has such a strong message on the atonement and how we need to forgive those we love when they hurt and betray us. I would recommend this book to everyone, though readers should be aware that it is a little bit depressing. I’ve been a fan of Josi’s books for a year or so now. I really enjoy her style. Go out and read her books!
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Tristi Pinkston said...

This book is one of my favorite Kilpacks.