Friday, January 18, 2008

First Impressions: Tangled Roots

First Impressions
This is a little series that details my experiences reading books for an hour a day in the library. I read the book either until I became disinterested in it or until I finished it.

Tangled Roots by G.G. Vandergriff

I ended up finishing this book and picking it up day after day. The main plot involves a two woman Alex, and Bertie, who have started a genealogy company. This company doesn’t focus merely on charts and tables, but on how a family history creates reality for present day descendents. The main character Alex is called in by a psychologist friend who asks her to come help in the case of a girl, who is in her hospital institution for doing drugs. She refused to talk and so do her parents, so she wants Alex to find out about the history of these people so they can help the girl to open up. Alex doesn’t find the immediate family willing to speak to her, but the grandmother helps them. She tells them about the mysterious, unsolved death of her father, which was complicated by the fact that his inheritance was of no small amount. The farther Alex searches the more inconsistencies and unexpected things she starts to find. As, she is searching up this family’s secrets people start following her, and her mother is kidnapped.

I really loved this book! The story stayed with me long after I finished reading for the day, and the next day I would be so excited that I got to read it again. I initially picked it up because it had a nice cover, but the mystery and intricacies of the family history in this book fascinated me. It wasn’t a normal run of the mill mystery story and the ending actually surprised me! I never would have guessed what the ending would turn out to be and that was delightful. The book is the third in a series and so I didn’t understand the main character’s love triangle plot very well, but it was understandable enough. So I found this book to be an awesome read and would recommend it to genealogist and mystery lovers alike.

Link to Author’s Website:

Read about how this book is literally a miracle! (such an awesome story!)
Link: (scroll down to article called the case of the forgotten manuscript)


Andy Lemmon said...

I read that article about the manuscript being lost, and then I read the one above it, and then read the article "The Arts and Spirit of the Lord." That was way cool! Thanks for the link!

Gamila said...

your welcome! It really was an inspiring story wasn't it? I thought that it was way cool, and very inspiring. Goes to show just how much the lord really does love us as individuals.