Friday, January 11, 2008

First Impressions

First Impressions
This is a little series that details my experiences reading books for an hour a day in the library. I read the book either until I became disinterested in it or until I finished it.

Lost Without You by Annette Lyon
This book I think passed the hour test four times. So I was really interested in it for a while. The book is the story about a college girl, who breaks up with her boyfriend Christopher. Only to find out that he has bi-polar and sometimes goes suicidal and crazy when he goes off his meds. She is relieved that she found this out and stays away from him after that. The second plot line revolves around a handsome cop that seems to always find her in interesting predicaments. They feel a compelling attraction for one another and date until she finds out that he was a widower. She then has a major crisis over whether or not she can marry him now. She wants to be the only love of the man she marries, but knows that he loved his first wife. She confused about what she should choose and when Christopher begins to harass her she isn’t sure what to do.

So you can see I initially liked this book, but I mostly didn’t finish it when she started getting all angsty over the whole widower thing. I mean it is a valid concern, but the whole thing seemed so fake to me. I’m not sure why, but I really couldn’t relate to the characters situation anymore. It seemed that it took her way too long to get over this problem. She even stops seeing him over it. Plus, I was much more interested in the Christopher plot line. I got bored so I eventually picked up another book to try out and never felt compelled to pick this one up again. So I guess the characters really didn’t interest or stick with me that much.
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onelowerlight said...


What's the hour test?

Gamila said...

Last semester I would eat lunch with Kindal and then we would go read books before we had class in the popular reading section. So we'd read for about an hour or less. So I'd pick up a different book everyday until it got boring or I decided I wanted to read something new. I was interesting to see how long I would read a book when I had a whole wall of different books to pick up three steps in front of me.

Gamila said...

Though of course sometimes the books would be check out or gone so I couldn't read them, and then I never picked them up again, or not till much later.

Candace E. Salima said...

Annette is a great author who has improved over time, as all good authors do. I believe At the Waters Edge was one of her very first, if not first, books. Check out her later work, I just finished Spires of Stone and loved it!

Gamila said...

Yes. That is true. I really adore her Historical books on Temples. House on a Hill was one of my favorite reads in LDS Fiction. I also believe that she has won a best of state medal for her fiction. I was actually surpised by the fact that I didn't like this book since I really liked her other book.