Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Duchess of Whimsy by Randall de Seve

The Duchess of Whimsy by Randall de Seve
The Duchess of Whimsy has a reputation for being the life of the party. She loves extravagant parties, unusual attire, and exotic pets. Being a duchess unfortunately requires here to associate on occasion with those less interesting than herself. For example the Earl of Norm wears ordinary clothes, has a reasonable pet, and likes to talk about practical things.  The Duchess thinks that they don’t have anything in common, but the King admonishes her to be friends with their neighbors.
Then one evening The Duchess’ cook becomes ill. Without food the evening will be ruined so all her guests scramble to make the most unusual dinner that they can. That is except for the Earl of Norm, who decides to make a grilled cheese sandwich with milk.  The simplicity of the meal catches the Duchess’ eye, and he offers her a bite. The food is delicious and suddenly she and the Earl of Norm have something to talk about, and she discovers that he isn’t as bad as she thought. In fact, they find each other very interesting. It is possible that the Duchess misjudged the Earl of Norm and shall have to get to know him better.
This is a cute little love story with fantastic art and engaging story line. It is so fun to watch these two characters get to know each other a little better. 

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