Friday, June 18, 2010

My Ridiculous, Romantic Obsessions by Becca Wilhite

My Ridiculous Romantic Obsessions by Becca Wilhite

Sarah Howard’s first year at the university is everything and
nothing she expected—especially when a very cute boy named
Ben in her Art History class starts to show interest in her.
Sarah feels like she’s an average, normal, everyday girl. So,
when Ben (to whom she secretly refers as Adonis because
she thinks he could be a Greek god) begins to take interest
in her, Sarah is in denial. For one thing, last year she was
deeply crushed and humiliated by “Jesse James”—a guy who
she thought liked her. She’s determined not to get burned
again. But in her heart of hearts, what she really wants is a
Jane Austen kind of romance. Ridiculous, right? That kind of
romance doesn’t exist anymore . . . or does it?
Sarah is smart and fun to be around and even pretty, despite
her Medusa-like red curls. She even plays the guitar. (So does
Ben!) Yes, Sarah is everything Ben has wanted. He’s crazy
for her, but Sarah is just not getting it. She’s playing hard to
get, and if she’s not careful, she’s going to lose a real “hot”
gentleman—her 21st-century Mr. Darcy.”
(Summary from Publisher’s Website)

I really enjoyed reading this clean romance novel. There are a few steamy kissing scenes, but I appreciated the fact that they did not overwhelm the rest of the plot or the character’s every waking thoughts . The author also explored other interesting part of their relationship, and showed them getting to know each other better. The getting to know you stage of love is so interesting and fun to read about for me. I love how both Ben and Sarah were flawed and honest human characters. Sarah sometimes gets on your nerves because she lacks the self-confidence to communicate with Ben real effectively, and thus enters the human element.

Her lack of self confidence is seen as a lack of enthusiasm for their relationship and thus the typical miscommunication ensues and she must fix it before she loses Ben entirely. Yet, Ben is also self-conscience of the fact that he has a learning disability, and has a hard time thinking that the brilliant, studious Sarah could ever want to be with him. I really loved reading about these two because they were both so imperfect, and yet despite all of that found admirable things about each other and fell in love anyway. It also helped that they were both hilarious! I laughed a lot reading this book, and closed it with a smile on my face.

This is definitely a fun, cute, and entertaining chick-read that will make you laugh.

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Allison said...

This does look like a very cute and fun read! The cover is very pretty too. Thanks for the great review!

Gamila said...

It is very funny too! I'm glad you liked the review. Thanks for commenting.

Susan said...

I enjoyed this one, too. I love that it's just light, fun and enjoyable. Glad you liked it!

Melissa said...

Hi Gamila!

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