Monday, June 14, 2010

Bloggiesta Blah!

So, I didn't do very well with my bloggiesta challenge. I worked 5 hours the first day 2 hours the second, and like 30 mins maybe yesterday. Well, I think I was on the computer too long the first day because I think I have strained an arm muscle. Bah! So, I had to rest a lot and get off the computer before I wanted too.

I did write two book reviews.
Posted a Reading List on my new page. (that took a lot of work listing all my reviews like that!)
I wrote a series of signed books posts drafted and ready to post.
I updated all my links list. I put blogs lists of writing friends, favorite author blogs, favorite book blogs, and places to find clean reads.

So, I'm glad that I accomplished those things. I wish I could have posted on others book blogs more, and found some new book blogs to follow, but I have all summer do those things. So I will take care of my little strained muscle and make sure it gets well again.

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