Monday, August 11, 2008

The Loser's Guide to Life and Love by A.E. Cannon

The Loser’s Guide to Life and Love by A.E. Cannon

Ed begins a summer job at the movie store Reel Life Movies. He has to wear a old-fashioned usher uniform, and doesn’t even have his own name tag. Instead he wears an old tag that from a previous employee named Sergio. Ed’s friend Scout works with him and together they dream up a fantasy Sergio, who lived in Brazil, and had traveled all over the world. Then a beautiful girl comes into Reel Life, and Ed knows he doesn’t have a chance with her, but if he pretends to be Sergio, the fearless, well-traveled Brazilian he might have a chance. Scout wishes that Ed would notice her more instead of pretending to be Sergio for the pretty girl that comes in frequently. Now Quark, Ed’s brilliant science genius friend, is starting to give her long admiring looks. Could it be possible that he likes her? This strange and hilarious cast of characters experiences a fun and convoluted summer.

This was an extremely fun read. The author has such a fun and hilarious voice. The characters are unique and funny, and this is a really funny romantic teen comedy. I laughed out loud lots of times. It was refreshing to read a really great teen book that was humorous. The book has several Mormon elements, as Scout’s brother is on a mission in Brazil, which is one of the ways Ed finds out so much info about the country, so he can act like he’s from Brazil. Though it is not overtly LDS fiction. I would recommend.

For those sensitive to such things the book did have swearing in it. Though, it was on the mild side.
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Susan said...

This one sounds quirky and fun. I'll have to check it out. Thanks for the review!

Wendy said...

I loved, loved, loved this book, too. I needed something funny, as I'd just read "The Book Thief", and I couldn't have tailor-made a better read for that.

I enjoy reading your reviews--