Saturday, August 16, 2008

80 Miles From Nowhere by Melissa Aylstock

80 Miles From Nowhere By Melissa Aylstock

Lance picks up a gun in the salt flats of Utah, not knowing that the man who placed it there is going to track him down. His car has broken down and he’s staying in Magna, Utah with his new friends until he can get his truck fixed. Then he discovers that his new friend’s sister is missing, and he thinks that she’s been kidnapped. Will Lance be able to find her before the mean searching for this gun harms her?

I read the beginning of this book a while and mentioned it in my first impressions series. I really liked it then because it was so different from the typical LDS novel, with characters that lived in a tiny town, who liked to fix cars, and go shooting. Having read the whole novel I can say that it is not perfect. Sometimes the writing was pretty choppy, and took me out of the book. One of the main characters Enin, is annoyingly preachy. That’s her character, but it’s kind of annoying once in a while. The ending has a really strange twist that I didn’t expect. Overall, it was worth the read despite the flaws, and I enjoyed it.

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