Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Book Review: Fool Me Twice by Stephanie Black

Fool me Twice by Stephanie Black

Megan is working two dead end jobs trying to save enough to go to college, but that doesn’t seem likely when her mom keeps hitting her up for money. Her twin Kristen left them a long time ago, but she returns with a request for Megan to impersonate her life for the summer. Megan, wanting to impress her twin, and tempted by the amount of money that would come from manipulating themselves into an old lady's inheritance, decides to agree to taking care of the old lady Kristen has found. Apparently, she is an old aunt that Kristen found with the help of her new Mormon friends and their skills in genealogical research. Her heath is failing from a terminal illness and all Megan has to do is take care of her until she dies. Then one of Kristen’s friend is kidnapped, Aunt Evelyn isn’t acting like she has terminal illness, and things are not adding up.

I looked forward to reading this novel for a while, and I was not disappointed. I love how the characters in this book are so well defined. The reader can see that Megan has a soft and good heart, her mother is a crazy jerk, and her sister is manipulative, calculating, schemer. All these qualities are shown brilliantly throughout the novel. I really loved the writing style, and can’t think of any big complaints I had about the story. There is very little in the way of romance for those of you addicted to romantic suspense, but that’s okay. Sometimes I think there is too much romance in the market. I also like that the Mormon element of this novel was in the background, but still was pivotal to several plot points. I want to go read the novel again so I can connect all the little clues that pointed to the ending. This is one that I wholeheartedly recommend!

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Danyelle Ferguson said...

Ooh. It sounds really good! I haven't read this one yet. Now I need to add it to my reading list. Thanks!

Jennie said...

I absolutely loved this novel too. My only complaint is that the heroine isn't very appealing. She's a real wimp. She's realistic, but difficult to sympathyze with because until almost the end she never exhibits much of what my mother used to call "gumption." Though I felt like shaking her and the resolution is apparent from the beginning, the journey or process of getting there was fabulous, eery, and never lacked excitement.

Gamila said...

That is true that she lacked "gumption" but it didn't bother me much because it was just part of her character. I didn't have a problem relating to the character, but maybe that's cause I have a brother who likes to manipulate and I like to avoid contention. I guess we all realate to books differently. I also agree that the journey was wonderful.