Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Coffin House by Pamela Carrington Reid

Coffin House by Pamela Carrington Reid.

Toni and her Father move to a new place in New Zealand, and she has to adjust to a new ward and make new friends. She has a hard time adjusting, but joins a basketball team and starts to make new friends. Then one night she sees that the house across the street has a light moving in the upper window. She learns that the house is haunted, and full of coffins that the local mortuary stores there. She tells her new friends Erana and Wiremu about what she saw, and later Wiremu confides a secret of his own. He thinks that he saw his dead grandfather wandering around the house. Wiremu and Toni decide to investigate the house and find out the secret behind his grandfather’s ghost.

This book was a so-so book for me. I didn’t particularly like it, but neither did I hate it. I liked the characters and thought they were fun. I liked that it was set in New Zealand, but would have liked to see a bit more culture, and description of the setting. There was a little bit, but not really enough to make the book stand out. I think the main reason why I didn’t like this mystery was because I knew the way it was supposed to end, and it ended exactly that way. The writing was good and I thought it was worth reading, but I’m glad I got it from the library and didn’t purchase it. I would have given it away to someone I thought would like to read it. So, decent read, but it didn’t really excite me. I’d be curious to ask a kid their opinion on it, since it is written for them that is whose opinion really counts.

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