Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Book Review: Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli

Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli

Leo hears whispers about her on the first day of school, and when he sees this almost immediate legend he knows why there are whispers. She goes through the lunchroom everyday strumming her ukulele and singing Happy Birthday to surprised recipients. She decorates her desk with a curtain and a daisy flower in every class. She cheers for everyone, even the opposing team. This girl, who insists that people call her Stargirl, who brings a pet rat to school, and takes the school by storm, changes everything at Mica high. Leo finds himself in a wonderful relationship with her, but finds that he must choose whether he cares more about Stargirl or what other people think.

I picked this book up because I took a YA literature class a couple of semester ago and people were raving about this book, and how good it was. It really is a fascinating read about a unique girl who isn’t afraid to be herself, as she changes all the people around her. I enjoyed reading it, but didn’t love it. The ending annoyed me too much. Ranting about it would give the ending away. Despite the fact that I didn’t like the ending, I would still recommend it to other teenage girls if they were looking for a good book to read. It really does have a thoughtful and pertinent message, and it is a clean read. Good, clean, realistic fiction is sometimes hard for teens to find these days and this book would fit that need very well.

Jerry Spinelli is a profilic children's author and his book Maniac Magee won the Newberry award in 1991. Jerry Spinelli's Website:

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