Friday, December 28, 2012

Princess of the SIlver Woods by Jessica Day George

Princess of the Silver Wood by Jessica Day George

The Princess of the Silver Woods, the third book in Georges retold fairy-tale princess series, continues the stories of the twelve sisters introduced in The Princess of the Midnight Ball. In this book princess Petunia the youngest of the sisters is kidnapped by Oliver, the leader of a bandit gang called the Wolves of Westfalian Woods. Oliver discovers that she is a princess and realizes that his life of crime has gone too far. Forced into banditry to feed his people when the King gave half of his lands to another man after his father died, Oliver has done his very best to be the leader they need.  He escorts Petunia to her original destination, the home of the Grand Duchess Volenskaya intending to leave her there and walk away. Then he has to avoid being captured by the Duchess’s son Grigori and finds himself hiding on the grounds. As he makes his escape off the property in the middle of the night he sees shadow men crossing the lawn, climbing to Petunia’s window.

Knowing that the princess is in danger Oliver decides to turn himself in and tell her father what he saw. Oliver’s observations prove useful as Petunia’s sisters all suspect the same thing. That the King Under Stone wants them back, determined to have them as brides for his court. His report leads them all on a mission to save Petunia and rid themselves of King Under Stone once and for all.  

I enjoyed returning to this world again. Petunia is such a strong characters and I really came to like her. I thought the author did an excellent job of bringing back King Under Stone and working him back into the plot. The added details about the origin of King Under Stone’s sons made them even creepier and made the world feel more fleshed out. Galen also plays a major part in trying to bring Under Stone down again and I loved reading about him again. He is such a Heroic character because he cares so much for Rose and all of the sisters; he is willing to give up everything in the book to see them free. I thought all the threads of the story in this book wove together gracefully to make a really compelling, page-turning read.   
I'm very grateful that the folks at bloomsbury sent me a review copy so I could be a part of their blog tour.