Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Summer Project: Black and White picture books

My new niece was born this summer, and I thought about what I would have liked to have when Sera was just a newborn. The answer was some simple black and white picture books. I did not know that black and white images were most suitable for newborn eyes until I had a one week year old squalling child in my arms. Not quite the best time to run out to the bookstore and pick up some books.

So, this summer I made a few in honor of my new niece, and for something to share with the rest of my squalling adorable children that we hope will join our family. I thought quite some time about submitting these to traditional publishers. Yet, I know that there was little chance of them finding success any time soon. I could spend a solid ten years subbing children’s book manuscripts and have nothing for it but an empty pocket book and hours of wasted time. Time I could spend creating more things. So, though, the prospect of these selling very well in a digital format is very slim. It is still nice to have the illusion that I have been able to share these creations with others. I had a lot of fun making these little books, and I hope a few more people than I have fun reading them while curled up with their small, wobbly-headed, squinty eyed newborns. I hope when those wobbly headed ones get older their blank stares will turn to smiles when they hear mom or dad making ridiculous nonsensical sounds. Kaaarooo!
You can download Bird Speak ,Stellar Heroes , and Vehicles Sound in ebook format from amazon or smashwords. Enjoy.  

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Andy Lemmon said...

Just a thought - have you thought about doing an omnibus edition? When looking through the Prime Lending Library, we're more inclined to get omnibus children's books