Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Picture Books: Emma Dodd

Picture books by Emma Dodd

What pet to Get ?

Jack asks his mother for a pet, and she agrees to allow him to get one. At first he asks for an elephant. Sadly his mom does not think this is a good idea. So he must dream up another awesome pet to get. A lion!

So continues the fun until he and his mom find the perfect pet for their family.

I loved the pictures in this book as all the animals look so friendly and nice. Even if they would be really bad pets, and the illustrations of why they would be bad pets are really funny. This is a humorous and charming little read.

I don’t want a cool cat!

The little girl in this book describes just what kind of cat she wants.

I really like the rhythm of this picture book. The text feels modern and hip not like an old nursery rhyme. The style was refreshing and fun to read. Once again the pictures are charming and fun.

No matter What

This is the story of little elephant, who learns that his mother loves him no matter if he is happy or sad, good or bad, dirty or clean.

This book has cute little pictures of an elephant playing. The text is simple and beautiful and is full of opposite pairings. It is also short. It was a good one to read to the girler as her attention span is rapidly shortening as she realizes there is so much to do in the wide world.

Just like you

The text about a little bear that wants to grow up to be just like his mama/papa bear.

This little book is very similar to No matter what. The text is short and simple and the message is sweet. Has fun illustrations of bear and cub doing activities together.

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