Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Picture Books: Candace Fleming

Picture books: Candace Fleming

Sonny boy the life and times of a Tortise

Alright, this may have just become my all time favorite picture book. The little one did not like to sit through it because it was too long, but I found it charming.

It is the story of a tortoise named Sonny Boy, who likes plants, stamp collecting, and Latin. Each of his owners have been nice and docile professor types until he gets handed down to Biff. Biff is a dare devil who isn’t that good at his job. In order to prove his mettle he decides to go over Niagara Falls in a barrel. Sonny boy ends up taking the plunge with him.

I enjoyed this delightful character story. I have enjoyed Candace Fleming’s non-fiction books before, but I am now quickly becoming a fan of her picture books. Fun times! Fun times!

Muncha! Muncha! Muncha!

Mr. McGreely has dreamed of planting a garden for years, and finally decides to start one this spring. He plants and waters and hopes and his garden starts to grow. Then he discovers that he isn’t the only one enjoying the fruit of his labors. He has found three little intruding bunnies that keep trying to eat his vegetables. He refuses to allow such pilfering and builds a fence around the garden, but the bunnies manage to sneak through. As a result Mr. McGreely decides to build a bigger and better defenses around his garden.

This story even made the hubby (over on the couch trying to pretend he wasn’t interested in a measly picture book) laugh. This one is a joy to read out loud. Mr. McGreely’s determination to keep the bunnies out of his garden and the bunnies’ sneaky little tricks makes for a humorous and entertaining show down.

This one was enjoyed by the girler and me alike. The text is fun to read as it has a lot of alliterative and onomatopoetic elements to it.

Tippy Tippy Tippy hide

Is the sequel to Muncha! Muncha! Muncha! It involves all the old cast. This time winter is coming and Mr. McGreely is preparing for winter and is ready to hole away inside. Then the bunnies start sneaking into his house to get warm. Mr. McGreely runs around the house stopping up all the places they can sneak in.

This one also had the husband and me laughing. My favorite part is when Mr. McGreely finds bunny drops on his pillow. Hilarious! Seriously, I recommend these two stories! Go check them out from the library now.

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