Friday, February 12, 2010

Spare Change by Aubrey Mace

Spare Change by Aubrey Mace

Every year Riley Madsen’s family makes resolutions on New Years Eve, but she hates the tradition. She never keeps her New Year resolutions past February. This year she decides to do something so easy there will be no way that she fails. So, she decides to save all of her pennies and buy something nice for herself with what she saved during the year.

Riley’s work at Cancer Ward of the hospital changes her perspective, and she decides to donate what she saves to cancer research. Without really meaning to, she leaks her plan out to her co-workers and suddenly everyone is donating pennies to the cause. Riley is suddenly in charge of a huge charity drive. During the course of the drive she meets a cute bank teller, Paul, and though they start off on the wrong foot, they seem to have an attraction for one another.

Yet, the penny drive also brings a secret admirer, who keeps sending Riley cute notes, and gifts, each one bearing a load of pennies. She hopes that Paul is the penny guy but it looks more and more likely that he is not. When the true identity of the penny guy is revealed Riley has to make a hard choice.

This cute romantic comedy was so much fun to read. I really loved the humor in this book. It relied more on actual funny situations rather than just humiliating embarrassing experiences that make you cringe more than chuckle. The characters remained true to themselves instead of randomly acting silly to get a laugh. In the middle of all the fun the book has true heart, as it tells the story of people willing to give of themselves for others, and of an ordinary woman, who ends up doing an extraordinary thing. I would recommend this light-hearted book to all girls out there, young or old.

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