Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Is there a reason the blog is so boring lately?

Yes! There is a good reason too! In fact you people are very lucky creatures to hear from me at all. So, it is thanksgiving break, and I'll let you know why the blog is so boring lately. I've passed by on several reading challenges that I like to do. Sniff.

So the scoop is that I'm teaching Latin! It is my first year teaching, and one thing I've noticed with other blogs whose writers are participating in their first year of teaching is that they vanish! They never post. Then summer comes and poof-- they're back! Then I rejoice.

So, how the heck do I post once a week? Well, I kind of cheated. I read a lot this summer and wrote about 30 book reviews. Then I used the scheduling post feature on blogger, and ta-da! The blog runs it self for months at a time! I'm running out of reviews from the summer though, but I've had/made time to keep reading the last month or so. I purchased the Maze Runner, Leviathan, Forest Born, Dragon Spear and discovered that I can check things out at the library at my high school.

I'm currently on a sci-fi kick what with reading Maze, Leviathan, Midnighters, and planning to read Life as We Knew It. I blame it on the hubby. He's writing a sci-fi book and so I'm scoping out the competition. I'm also pawning books off on him for the sake of "research." It is so much fun being married to a reader! I go on these great quests to find stuff the hubby would love to read. I suppose I get too much vicarious enjoyment from finding him a book he really likes. He highly reccommends Life as We Knew It to me. He also likes Midnighers by Westerfeld more than Uglies series by the same author, which I find strange. Currenly, I feel the opposite. I still haven't read the second book in the series though.

One of the fun things about school is that I don't teach for a fifth period. So, they send me to work in the school library. They always have fun displays that helps me find new books, and I'm always checking the new arrival shelf, and the libraian is so much fun to talk too. Hence, how I have time to find books to pawn off on the hubby. I mostly reshelf books (espeically non-fiction), keep the magazine rack up to date, and store the old magazines. I also keep room reservations in the library up to date on the school website. Some days I pull books off the shelves for a display, or if a class is coming in to do research. Sometimes I merely keep people from eating during lunch time, but I like working in the library, being surrounded by books.

So that is my currently book life. My goal is to keep the blog running, posting a review every friday as usual. We'll be good to the end of this year, but if I disappear around Feburary next year just know that I'm up to my neck grading Latin papers.

I hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving, and that there time among all the festivities for a stolen hour of book reading.

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