Friday, October 9, 2009

Finding Faith By Terri Ferran

Finding Faith by Terri Ferran

Kit’s father finds a teaching position at a university in Utah, and suddenly her family is moving from Ventura, California to a small little valley in Mormondom. It takes her a long while to adjust to the strange new culture. She finally finds a friend in Janet, whose huge family take her in and makes her feel at home. Kit really begins to like Janet’s brother Adam, and find he feels the same way about her. They begin to date, and become really close. Adam has been telling her that he plans to serve a mission, but when he receives his call, Kit can’t really believe that he is leaving her.

She doesn’t understand why he would give up two years of his life to God, or if God even exists. He leaves her with a challenge to read the Book of Mormon and take the missionary discussions. She loves Adam and his entire family, and so reluctantly agrees. Janet slowly learns about faith and God’s plans for his children. She agrees to be baptized, but as her faith slowly grows a terrible accident threatens to crush it. Kit must learn how to trust in God’s will and plan even when bad things happen.

I know that some people are going to label this book as too preachy. The truth is it is kind of annoying to have doctrine re-taught to the reader while the main character learns about the gospel. We already know this stuff. We want a story and not a Sunday school lesson is the cry. Yet, if this aspect of LDS Fiction doesn’t bother you than you might find that you really like this book. All preachy scenes aside, I really liked Kit. She is really against learning about the church or god in general, but it is interesting to watch her grow, to witness her first prayer. I love the Janet’s family just as much as she does, and I cared about what happened to them. I also want to see what happens between Kit and Adam when Adam returns from his mission. I am curious to see how the author will portray the obvious changes they have each experienced and watch how it forces them to reevaluate their relationship. So, though the book is a little preachy, it has redeeming qualities, and I am interested in picking up the sequel Finding Hope.

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