Monday, June 22, 2009

Latin Book Titles:Brandon Sanderson

Latin Book Titles is going to feature the Epic Fantasy works of Brandon Sanderson this week, specifically, the Mistborn Trilogy and Warbreaker. There will be spoilers large and small in Mistborn section. The Well of Ascension translation note has major spoilers for book three. You have been warned.

Book 1: Mistborn

Caligo Nata or Nati Caliginis
Translation Note: Nati Caliginis is literally, those people born of the Mist]

Book 2: Well of Ascension

Fons Ascensionis

[Translation Note: This one was the harderst one to translate. I know it looks like a no-brainer. Just do the Latin form of ascending, right? Eh, often the most obvious translation is the worst one. I'm still not sure if I got this one right. I debated between Fons Potestatis, Fons Virtutis, Fons superatio, Fons Praestatio. Potestatis means power, but not just power, but ruling power. Power that carries authority with it. I considered this one because of what the well in the book gives to those that deal with it. It is an interesting way to think about the well, but not the best way to translate. Virtutis just plays on a similar theme. I discarded it quickly. The last two attempts were me trying to turn verbs into nouns both with meanings along the lines of excel, surpass, Stand above all others, etc. They really didn't work that well either. The main problem I had with Ascensionis was that is used rarely, and only really in the Latin Vulgate (bible). The vulgate isn't really classical, but in the end I came to the conclusion that the word's assocaiation with the bible was necessary. I think the title was chosen very cleverly in that ascension brings to mind The Ascension. The event where Christ goes up into heaven to assume his godly role there. This will mean more to those who have read the third book, where Sazed becomes a god. So, I decided to stay with the most obvious choice because of the implied imagrey. The religious tone was not a put off either since a main theme of the book is religion. I think this title foreshadows what is going to happen in the thrid book rather well. I'll stop now I've written enough ink over three words for the day. ]

Book 3: Hero of Ages

Heros Saeculorum or Vir Saeculorum

[Translation note: I like Heros better mostly because Vir is also a man. Heros is greek. The Romans were so entrenched in greek culutre and mythology that the word was probably incorporated straight across. The -os nominative ending is how you tell. Anyway, who is the Hero of Ages? Is he a man? Vin isn't a man, but is she the hero of ages? Or is Sazed? If I were the author and wanted the hero to be clearly male for any reason I would use Vir, but that would give too much away! Go with the more nuetral Heros to keep the mystery. I also think that for different readers at different times the idenity of the Hero of Ages will probably change so why peg it down to a man alone when Vin is a canidate? I think this one is my favorite. It is such a great title. It resonates with readers today, but I think it would appeal to classical audiences too. Heroes and the past were both revered and honored by Greeks and Romans.]

Bonus: Warbreaker


[Translation Note: This one was easy! I just had to brush up on some suffixes and done!]


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I did warn people in my introductory note...was that not enough?