Monday, June 22, 2009


Latin Book Titles! So, I promised a new feature the other day, and here it is! So, I was getting bored with my blog. It was just like all the other blogs, and didn't have anything really unique about it. I thought doing interviews would help. Nope. Other bloggers do plenty of interviews, so many in fact that I sometimes get tired of reading them because the question are so often the same. Interviews were interesting enough or unique enough, so I pondered. What is unique about Gamila? I like Latin! Hey, I have cool language skill! Hey, I should share my Latin obsession! So, thus was the Latin Book Title feature born.

So, the rules, disclaimers, and other governing Latin Book Title miscellenia.

1. I have degree in BA in Latin teaching. So yeah, I do know what I am doing to some extent. That having been said I am not a professional translator nor a genius so I reserve the right to make mistakes sometimes. If you have a correction please make a comment. You may have a cooler version of the book title or I may even be wrong. Traslating English into Latin never was my strongest point, but hey I can do two to five words right? I think I can and plus this will help me practice and keep some of my Latin fresh.

2. You can request that I tranlate the title of a specific book. I won't translate anything else. I almost want to bend that rule. I could do first lines to books, or pithy qutoes from books, or mottos. I fear I won't have the time or inclination to do that sort of thing. People get payed big bucks to translate little stuff like that, and they could do a better job than I. Plus, I'll probably get conned into doing someone's homework. So, I'm starting firm, and stating now. I'll only translate Book Titles at reader's requests.

3. Currently, I don't have a set day or schedule for when Latin Book Titles will be posted. I'm just playing it by ear for now to see how the whole thing works out.

4. I think that's all I have to say about that. Except I reserve the right to make more rules and other modifications! Muahaha!

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