Monday, April 7, 2008

Linkity Linkity Link

So my friends I redesigned my blog for spring. I had a lot of fun changing it over. I got the template from this fun blog called cute blogs. I thought the idea was cool and so I tried it out.
Go Visit.

The Statue of Athena is from the National Archelogical Museum in Naples, if you ever go to Pompeii do not leave Italy until you go here! It has all the mosaics and frescos from Pompeii in there. Plus, a bunch of georgeous statues from the Villa of the Papyri in Hereculeneum. It also has a few of the Papyri scrolls there too. Anyway, I saw this statue there last year and fell in love with it. So...hence the blog design.

Thirdly, J. Scott Savage is doing a blog tour, and I would like to let you all know about it for very self interested reasons. I get a free ARC if I do. Plus, I get an extra book to give away in a contest. Then there is the fact that I'd get to do a Q&A blog with the author himself. Is that not cool enough to blog about? I surely think it is! So, go to his blog to find out the details of how you can participate too! Link. Oh, look! I just finished reading his first book House of Secrets two weeks ago and wrote up a review this weekend. Enjoy! (I promise the timing was in no way planned. I read the book for the winter reading challenge.)

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