Monday, April 11, 2011

Baby girl is here!

On March 24th our beautiful baby girl was born at 11:54 pm. She is already two weeks and 4 days old, and already growing by leaps and bounds. She is a good little eater and I am very pleased with her progress. She has dark blue eyes, and ashy blonde hair on her head.

So, this little tyke has been the reason why this blog has been dormant for the last few weeks. I hope to start posting reviews again either this friday or next friday. Still trying to recover and organizie life around a demanding little newborn. I still have books to read and review. I also have been working on other interesting projects that I shall reveal at a later date.

until later!


Don said...

Congratulations! She's beautiful.

Suey said...

Congratulations! I seems like a gaggle of babies have been born lately. Way to go! And good luck getting back into the swing of life.