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Two Dragon Books from Novik

*Will contain spoilers*
Empire of Ivory by Naomi Novik
I have to admit that I think the fourth book of this series is my least favorite so far. Temeraire and Laurence are in Africa trying to find a cure to an illness that has made all the dragons in Britain ill. The African setting wasn’t as interesting to me at first as say the dragon culture in China. Then the crew trying to find the cure is captured by a band of dragons in the interior of the continent, who are very angry about their people being taken by slavers. Then the African setting and culture starts to get more interesting and plot began to hook me in.

So, after they manage to escape from this angry band of dragons and return back to Britain, Laurence and Temeraire discover that the British have sent the plague upon the French dragons. They cannot condone this action, and consider it murder of fellow sentient beings, and therefore deliver the cure to the French. This of course is considered treason and the book ends on a rather sad note, as Laurence and Temeraire have to return home and face the consequences of their actions, which will probably include the hanging of Laurence.

Victory of Eagles by Naomi Novik

Although, I did not love the fourth book of this series all that much, I really did enjoy the fifth book. I think this may be my favorite Temeraire book so far! In this book Temeraire is going crazy in the breeding grounds waiting for new of what happened to Laurence. Meanwhile, Napolean invades Britain, as in actually lands troops on the shores and marches toward London. Laurence and Temeraire are desperately needed in the battlefield to fight, but can only do so if the military allows them to be reunited.

This was an excellent book because I loved seeing the dragons, lead by Temeraire, progress into their own little force. Temeraire convinces the dragons in the breeding grounds to leave and go fight again Napolean. Even when he doesn’t know what has happened to Laurence yet. The author also explores more fully the consequences of Temeraire and Lawrence committing treason. If you want to find out what finally happens in regards to that you must read the book!

Overall, I still love this series. I’m really glad that the fifth book was so good! The fourth book had me worried a bit, but Novik really delivered in the fifth book. So, I’m getting excited about the fact that the sixth book, Tongues of Serpents, comes out in July.

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