Saturday, April 24, 2010

Whitney Award Winners 2009

Best Romance

Counting the Cost by Liz Adair

Best Mystery/Suspense

Methods of Madness by Stephanie Black

Best Youth Fiction

The Chosen One by Carol Lynch Williams

Best Speculative Fiction

Servant of a Dark God

Best Historical Fiction

The Last Waltz by G. G. Vandegriff

Best General Fiction

Hotel on the Coner of Bitter and Sweet by Jamie Ford

Best Novel by New Author (a tie! wow!)

I am not a Serial Killer by Dan Wells


Gravity vs the Girl by Riley Noehren

Best Novel of The Year

In the Company of Angels by Dave Farland

Outstanding Achievement Award: Dave Wolverton/Farland
-For helping so many aspiring authors hone the craft.

Lifetime Achievement Award: Gerald Lund
-For introducing so many people to LDS fiction.

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