Friday, August 28, 2009

Rescue the Prophet by Rob Ficiur

Rescue the Prophet by Rob Ficiur

This next adventure in this series includes Tom and Becky and their Uncle Daniel traveling back in time to Palmyra—only ten years later. They want to see the Grandin building, the place where the Book of Mormon was printed, as it originally was in the 1830’s. They run in to Joseph Smith once again, and he invites Uncle Daniel to go preaching with him. Uncle Daniel agrees to go with the prophet, but decides to send Becky and Tom home. As often happens with time traveling, something goes wrong and Becky and Daniel end up not returning home, but staying in the same time. Now, their Uncle is gone, and they have no money or place to stay until Martin Harris comes along and rescues them. They agree to help out at the print shop, binding originally copies of the Book of Mormon, but they didn’t bargain for the persecution that would affect them personally for their belief.

I enjoyed reading the second book in this series, and reading about the production of the Book of Mormon. Yet, the book didn’t have the magical quality that their first book did for me, probably because they didn’t get to interact with the prophet as much, and he was much older too. Though, I still loved the classy way he portrayed Marin Harris and his wife. Also, it shows a lot of the persecution that early saints faced at this time, and the ways they dealt with it. Overall, it really was a delightful book to read. I’m looking forward to the next one.


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