Friday, December 26, 2008

The Christmas Rose by Robyn Buttars

The Christmas Rose by Robyn Buttars

Rosie has lived behind Pleasant Manor all of her young life. Her mother cooks for the old residents in the rest home, and Rose finds her place among them, being a friend and a special light at the end of their lives. Rosie’s best friend is a resident named Bessie, who is full of life and fun ideas. The decorate for Halloween, celebrate parties, and even plant a Christmas Rose garden together.

This little Novel isn’t exclusively about Christmas, but holds many stories from different seasons of the year about the light this little girl Rose brings to the life of her friends that live in Pleasant manor. Though there are some very memorable Christmas scenes contained within the story. Sometimes the chapters have a short story feel to them, concentrating only on the interaction between Rosie and a particular resident. Other times the chapters focus on Rosie and her dear friendship with Bessie, and they joy they bring to other residents. This was an interesting little read for the holiday season. I didn’t find it to be a “wow” book, but still intriguing, full of love and quiet cheer.

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