Sunday, March 9, 2008

First Impressions: Desire of our Hearts by Sariah S. Wilson

First Impressions
This is a little series that details my experiences reading books for an hour a day in the library. I read the book either until I became disinterested in it or until I finished it.
The Desire of our Hearts by Sariah Wilson
This story is a fictional account of Alma’s experience in the court of King Noah. He falls in love with a girl named Sam, who refuses to like him, but he decides he will win her over anyway.
This is really terrible, but I have to be honest about how I felt about his book. I read it for 15 min. and hated it. I enjoy romance novels, but some romance novels are just…over the top. This was over the top in a bad way. How do I begin? My cynicism kicked in when the line, "then he saw her" appeared. He is in love already and we don’t even know what this person looks like! That annoyed me because I don’t believe in love at first sight. The love was too magical and too instant. He hadn’t even said one word to her. Later Alma has to confront Amulon because he tries to carry the girl Alma loves to his chambers and rape her. In this confrontation Alma totally comes off looking weak. He makes a threat that is empty, and then uses the “you’ll regret it later” speech to get him to cooperate. Alma doesn’t convincingly show that he has power over Amulon in my opinion, which makes his character incredibly weak. Yet he’s supposed to be the most favored in King Noah court? Then to add to that annoyance the girl cries in Alma’s arms after he rescues her, and then she agrees to let him walk her home! So, I’m not convinced that Alma’s rescue equals total trust on the part of a girl who almost got dragged off by another evil priest of Noah so recently. It was so fake and contrived just for the romance of it that I couldn’t read another instant and put it down.
The author’s prose is fine and she tried hard to set up a nice setting with lost of nice description, but she just couldn’t sell me on Alma’s character or the romance. In spite of my bad first impression it has been nominated for a Whitney finalist for 2007 in the Romance/Woman’s Fiction.

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Sariah S. Wilson said...
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Sariah S. Wilson said...

Oh Gamila, this is my first not-s--happy online review for this book. I'm so sad you didn't like it. I know not everyone goes for the whole love at first sight thing - but it was such a blast to write, and I had a really fun time writing this story.

Maybe you'll give me another chance in the future.

(The above comment was mine. I accidentally hit the trash button because I was holding the baby. LOL)

Susan said...

Hi Gamila - I just found your blog via the Six LDS Writer's website. I write a book blog, too, and I am always looking for new recommendations. I'm adding you to my feed list - can't wait to read more!

Gamila said...

Thanks for your comment. Perhaps, I will pick up the book in the future. If it wins the whitney awards I shall have to look at it again. Good luck! The voting is only a few days away. That must be cool and scary all at the same time.

Susan, I think I have seen your blog and I can only aspire to such awesome coolness that is your book blog. So many book reivews! Thanks for visiting and commenting. Vale.