Friday, May 9, 2014

Diary of Two Mad Black Mormons by Zandra Vranes and Tamu Smith

Diary of Two Mad Black Mormons by Zandra Vranes and Tamu Smith

You’ve read the title, and now you’re scratching your head, wondering if this book is for real, right?
It is. Yes, the authors are bona fide Mormons. And hilarious, too! They call themselves Sistas in Zion. Did we mention they’ve got enough faith to move mountains? Well, they haven’t moved any mountains just yet, but that’s not stopping them from keeping right on praying and believing and knowing that the gospel of Jesus Christ is worth it. Their unique perspective on their own diary entries will have you laughing one minute and exclaiming “Amen!” the next. They talk about personal experiences and lessons they’ve learned about relationships, sisterhood, standing up for what you believe, embracing diversity, and dealing with adversity—what being a Christian is all about. The Sistas’ humorous and poignant outlook on life will strengthen your faith and remind you of the joy to be found in living a Christ-centered life. You’ll soon realize that the authors aren’t mad-mad—they’re crazy-mad, funny, and inspiring! (cover summary)

Two Mad Black Sisters explores general gospel topics with a upbeat, urban, voice that is fun and engaging to read. I felt like the diary aspect of the book come across a little awkwardly and made the organization of the topics really random, but the read was still fun anyway. I most enjoyed the engaging and funny personal stories that the authors shared about their life growing up, which they used to illustrate gospel topics. The book was lighthearted, humorous, and a real quick read. I liked reading about the testimony and experiences of these two sisters and enjoyed their stories.
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Susan said...

My daughter is bi-racial, so I'm always interested in books like this. I love that they wrote about the black Mormon experience, something I haven't seen many books about. Glad it was enjoyable!

Gamila said...

I really liked reading about experiences in the gospel from a different angle, and the writers really are good storytellers. I wish there were more books like this out there because I feel like reading about the gospel from people of different backgrounds and perspectives brings a lot of strength to everyone.