Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Year in Review 2013

Well, in regards to the book blog my goals for 2012 were to put up six LDSPBP posts, and I kind of really failed in doing that. I think I got up two and then reviewed two picture books from LDS publishing houses. I did have enough information to put all six spotlights up. I just didn’t have the mental focus for it. Alas, what can I say? Perhaps, I can do better next year.

I also made a goal to read less romance novels but I don’t feel like I really did all that well. I read a ton of regency romance novels and other romance themed books. I sometimes felt frustrated by the fact that romance was in everything. I could not escape it without making a special effort, and I wasn’t really all that interested in making a special effort, especially since I enjoy reading romance. Attempting to read less romance lead me to read more non-fiction, but I only read four titles— two religious based, one on astronomy, and a memoir about an expert horseman/cowboy.

Something wonderful about the blog this year has been the opportunity to participate in so many blog tours and promotions. I also was able to review for Covenant and Shadow Mountain, which made it possible to review more LDS novels despite living in PA where it is harder than even Houston to find LDS fiction reading opportunities. There is no way I can afford an LDS Fiction reading habit unless I receive review copies or access to LDS novels at a public library. So, when I say I am grateful for these opportunities I mean it very sincerely. Thank you for all the blog tour coordinators, authors, and publicists who were so generous to me this year.

So my goal was to get up an indie-published novel this year, but alas that did not happen. I am actually okay with that. I’ve gone through three drafts of a story that I really enjoyed working on this year. I haven’t stuck with a book for so long ever. I think I am finally learning how to structure an actual novel length plot. So, I am pleased with the evidence that I have grown as a writer. I worked on a few novellas and rewrote a short story. Doesn’t feel like a whole lot of progress to me, but I keep trying to tell myself that writing is not a race.

In family news, we moved to a new apartment this year in March and really like the floor plan better, and we’ve put a lot of effort into organizing and keeping it clean as we had a wee one coming. I grew a little boy for the most part of this year.  He was born Dec 11 after only two and a half hours of labor. He was transported to CHOP and underwent surgery in his first 24 hours of life because he had a perforated bowel. The test results have been confirmed and he has Cystic Fibrosis. He is still in the NICU healing, but he’s doing amazingly well. He has made steady progress in his recovery and we are so pleased with his progress.  This has been hard, no doubt, and we’ve only been able to handle things hour by hour on some days. Yet, we are also grateful because he was diagnosed so quickly, that we had access to top notch medical facilities, and that we live at a time of such advanced medical knowledge.  Lacking any of these things our little Marcus may not have survived.  We are very blessed.

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Susan said...

Sounds like you've had an eventful year. Wow! I'm so glad your little guy is doing well. Both of my sons had extended stays in the NICU, so I know how not fun that can be. Hang in there! He'll be home soon :)

Happy New Year!