Wednesday, October 9, 2013

LDSPBP: Ken Baker

Old MacDonald Has a Dragon 

This fun picture book meshes the children’s classic song ‘Old Macdonald” with the classic fantasy trope of a dragon. One can only imagine the type of havoc a dragon could cause on a farm. The famer is losing animals left and right. Then the dragon eats the farmer’s dog and the farmer has had enough.  With a little bit of team work and some music the farmer and his animals managed to chase the dragon off for good.

I thought this was a fun and clever reinterpretation of two children’s tropes. A enjoyable read for those that love farm-animal tales.

Cow Can’t Sleep
Cow isn’t comfortable sleeping in the itchy hay. So she goes to find another place to sleep. That soft feather mattress is slightly more wiggly and lumpy than she expected. Thus begins  Cow’s chaotic search for a new place to sleep. Who knew that one tired cow could cause so much havoc on the farm.
A humorous tale about a picky cow looking for a nice place to sleep.

Brave Little Monster by Ken Baker

Albert, a young monster faces his fears of boys and girls before he falls to sleep.  Little Albert is certain that there are little boys and girls lying in wait under his bed,  hiding in his closet, and playing outside his window. With a little creativity and a lot of courage Albert knows all the right tricks to scare them away. 

The story of a young little monster overcoming  his fears of boys and girls. This book made me laugh because as a young child I used some of the very same tricks to convince myself my room was safe at night.

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