Tuesday, May 21, 2013

One Drop at a Time by M. Russell Ballard and Giveaway!

One Drop at a Time by M. Russell Ballard

I loved this conference talk when I first heard it delivered and it is wonderful to read it in this beautiful format.  Ballard speaks of the significance of the symbol of the beehive to the church. He compares us to honeybees. Each honeybee contributes an insignificant amount of honey by ounce to the hive in their short lifetime. Yet, with all the bees working together they make a large amount of delicious and healthy honey. This reminds us that even if we feel our contribution doesn’t make a difference if we all do our part we can transform our homes, communities, and the world. I love this message about service and it is beautifully illustrated with images of bees and flowers. This would make a wonderful gift for young women transferring into Relief Society in my opinion, but I think this book’s message can be enjoyed by women of any age.

So, Shadown Mountain asked me to do this review and gave me a second copy to give away. So if you would like to win a copy just leave a comment annd your email. On May 31st I'll pick names from a hat and announce the winner.

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Andy Lemmon said...

Sounds interesting. I bet the illustrations are awesome. And you should know my email for entering the giveaway. ;)