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Baked Alaska by Josi Kilpack

Baked Alaska by Josi Kilpack

 This is Kilpack’s ninth installment in her culinary mystery series. The main character Sadie Hoffmiller, has a wicked streak of curiosity that continuously leads her to stick her nose into murder investigations. Baked Alaska is no exception with layers of mystery and multiple murder plots. Sadie’s investigative instincts are first alerted when her son Shawn confronts a woman she doesn’t recognize at the beginning of their Alaskan Cruise.

This woman turns out to be Shawn’s birth mother, which sends Sadie reeling with hurt and confusion. Shawn neglected to tell Sadie that he had found his birth mother and had even lied to Sadie to spend time with her. Then Sadie finds the woman passed out on a deck chair and all the clues start pointing to a poisoning. As more details about Shawn’s rocky relationship with his birth mother come out he becomes the prime suspected in an attempted murder. Sadie has to use her super sleuthing skills to keep her son out of prison and find the source of the real poisoner.

I’ve only read the first book in Kilpack’s series, Lemon Tart. I was a tad worried that I would have forgotten all the characters, but I slipped back into Sadie’s world quite easily. There was obviously some character back stories I wasn’t up to date on, but that didn’t stop me from enjoying the plot line of this novel. The whole birth mother plot line is really interesting and goes places that I didn’t expect. So that made it a very interesting read, as all the connections between the characters are very twisty and very human. I empathized with Sadie as she tried to negotiate between the hurt her family caused her and her worry over the trouble they were into to. Overall, This was an engaging, fascinating, and compelling read. I’m really happy that Shadow Mountain gave me the chance to read and review it.

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