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Midnighters Book 3: Blue Moon by Scott Westerfeld

Midnighters Book 3: Blue Moon by Scott Westerfeld

When the world freezes into “blue time” in the middle of the day instead of in the middle of the night The Midnighters are confused and a bit panicked. Soon they find out that there is a rift between the Midnight Realm and the real world. The Rift is getting larger and causes “blue time” to happen at strange time. It also causes a little girl to become captured by the darklings. So, the crew must go and rescue the girl before she becomes darkling food. During the rescue Rex realizes that his new powers cause the darklings to recognize him as one of their own. This results in Rex being tempted to join the darklings, but also in them sharing their plans with him another night while they are trapped in the middle of the desert. Rex has trouble remembering the plans, as the old-darklings hid them in his mind, but the Midnighters know that they must work hard to close the rift or humans will once again become prey to huge army of darklings.

The way I feel about Blue Noon is much similar to the way I feel about the other books in the series. The characters were solid, consistent, and strong, the plot kept me engaged, and had a few twists. The setting continued to throw the characters for a few loops. After all, Bixby may look ordinary, but really it’s the strangest place on Earth. I really liked how all the characters had to work together to pull of winning the darklings. Each of their powers is crucial at some point in the book to their success against the darklings. I sort of didn’t where all the characters ended up at the end of the book, but there is a sense that the Midnighers continue. They start to reach outside of Bixby with their new knowledge of the midnight time and contact other Midnighers.

Midnighters is still not my favorite series written by Westerfeld, Blue Noon didn’t absolutely blow me away, but it remains, as the others in the series, a pretty enjoyable YA read for sci-fi/fantasy lovers of either gender.

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