Monday, February 9, 2009

Whitney Awards Announced....

So, I checked the whitney awards website at 7:05 am this morning to see the winners, and then had to rush off to work. I'm way excited. I know I should be more excited about, you know, the Newbery's that recently were announced. Yet, I'm more excited about this announcement. I want the LDS fiction market to get better and I think this award is a big step. So go check out the best LDS books of 2008

Should I try to read them all? How many of you out there are going to try and read them all? I've read several, but I counted and I'd need to read 21 and some of them are in the middle of a seires. For example the Wyrmling Horde by Dave Farland is the tenth book in a series, I think. I don't know how that will work. I hate reading in the middle of a seires. I have a thing with reading them all in order.

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Chantele said...

I want to read them all! They all look so good! I've read a few...Fablehaven, Spare Change, Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow, I think that is about it. They look way good though! By the way, my favorite Percy Jackson book is the Titan's Curse as well! The Battle of the Labyrinth is a pretty close second though!;)
I love your blog by the way. I always look at it!:)