Saturday, December 22, 2007

Gamila's Review

So, I've been wanting to start a book review blog for a while and so I decided to start one. Since I mostly read LDS Fiction and Young Adult books that is mostly what will be reviewed here, but I reserve the right to review other random books too.

One thing I'll try to do with my reviews is to post something else interesting about the author or book. Whether it be a link to a official/fan website, information about upcoming releases from the author, cool cover art for different editions, or other weird facts that I earth up on account of my strangeness.

I'll also start a little series that is called, First Impressions. This is a new thing I've been thinking about posting for a while since the beginning of fall. My school schedule has allowed me to read for an hour after lunch. So I would sit myself down in the library and pick a book and read it for an hour. If I liked the book I read it again the next day, and if I didn't I picked up a new book. Though sometimes books were checked out and I never ran into them again. So, I'll post about my book for an hour experiment, which I think will be fun. No promises on how long this will last.

Anyway, I'll probably start posting regularly after Christmas. Till then farewell.

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